Megelolah Pohon Seho/Aren Dengan Wawasan Lingkungan Hidup: Mempersiapkan Masyarakat Pedesaan Yang Memilki kualitas Khususnya Bagi Petani “Pohon Aren/Seho” di Desa Motoling

  • Yessy Kenny Jacob Universitas Pembangunan Indonesia Manado
Keywords: Pohon Seho/Aren; Lingkungan Hidup; Petani.


This study aims at (1) finding out the general description of the location of the study, as well as the understanding of the farmers of the sugar palm tree in managing seho trees; (2) Studying the right theories about sugar palm trees, and the views of experts on the environment; (3) finding out the forms of sugar palm trees. This study used a qualitative approach using descriptive methods. Data were collected through observation and interviews. The results of the study showed that the farmers of sugar palm tree developed the abilities they had with the learning received. From here they really understand how to process sugar palm trees with an insight into the environment.